Tuesday night I was lucky enough to attend a great event put on by the Chicken Farmers of Canada. It featured a motivating talk by Ottawa Citizen food editor Ron Eade. He has inspired me to kick this blog into high gear – and to start that I have made a new home for Simply Fresh here on WordPress.

The evening was a great chance for me to meet my fellow bloggers, who made me feel at home almost instantly. It was truly a wonderful evening. Though I must admit, I wish I had gotten to hear more from the chicken farmers and the issues they face more intently. Perhaps next time!

Another first for me that night was my visit to Urban Element. Let me tell you it will not be my last! I am drooling just thinking of all the wonderful food I will make thanks to their amazing classes, (4 classes on sauces?!? Yes please!) Check out www.theurbanelement.ca for more details.  

Anyone interested in seeing the last year or so of my work can visit http://simplyfresh2.livejournal.com/ .

Thank you for making this transition with me!