I thought I would use this post to promote one of the great egg suppliers in the Ottawa area. Bekings Poultry Farm sells eggs all around the city (I pick them up at Herb and Spice on Bank Street or Aubrey’s Butcher Shop in the market), and I cannot say enough good things about them.

Not only are the eggs wonderful quality – they come from a farm approximately 70km from downtown Ottawa. And we all know what a fan I am of local eating.

But that’s not the main reason I go out of my way to buy these eggs. Bekings eggs are produced from Free Roam hens. On Bekings Poultry Farm their hens have access to nests and roaming areas with open spaces for scratching and dust bathing. Basically letting chickens live like chickens.

Compare that to how most chickens live in a factory farm. 6-8 Chickens sit in a cage 24/7. They lay eggs which fall to a small belt under them to be taken away. They will never leave this cage. Often times they have their beaks mutilated so that they are unable to peck the other chickens which are constantly touching them as the cages are so small. Their feet become deformed and after a couple of years they no longer have the ability to stand up even if they were given the space to. Their feathers fall out from stress and constantly living in over crowded situations. These chickens become sick easily and are fed a constant stream of antibiotics which makes it way into the eggs you are consuming.

This is what you are purchasing when you buy standard eggs for $1.99:

Many people think the answer to stopping this kind of mistreatment is to stop eating eggs all together. I disagree. Every dollar you spend on a product is like a vote – producers will go where the money is, so support products that are produced in an appropriate way.

We have become so far removed from our food that we no longer know how it is made, or where it comes from. Its not hard to realize that farming practices like this are wrong and unfortunately common place.

You know deep down that an extra $1.50 for a dozen eggs is not going to break the bank, but think of the difference it can make in the lives of these hens. While I’m not stating that these chickens get to run free (despite the name free run), it is still light years better than living in cramped cages.

Remember where your food comes from and have some compassion for the animals that are producing it.