Valentines Day this year was a wonderfully quiet day spent with my husband – going for coffee, getting massages and of course having dinner.

Earlier in the week I had picked up two beautiful Rainbow Trout from The Whalesbone Sustainable Fish Supply on Kent Street. I had been told when I picked them up that they were caught just the day prior and let me tell you – the freshness and flavour was incredible! It honestly took so little to turn these gorgeous fish into dinner that I could hardly accept all the praise my husband gave me!

Rainbow Trout
2 Whole Trout – gutted and cleaned 
Fresh cracked pepper
Fresh Thyme
1 Lemon cut into 8 wedges
Olive Oil

Rinse Fish and dry with paper towel. 
Add some fresh pepper and a small sprinkled of salt into the fish cavity.  Add 4 sprigs of thyme and two lemon wedges into the fish. Drizzle some olive oil on the outside of the fish. Add some pepper and salt to the outside of the fish.

Place on a rack and cook in your oven at 375 degrees for 25 minutes until fish under the skin flakes easily with fork. Remove thyme and lemon from fish cavity before serving. If you want you can remove fish head, skin and tail before plating.

This was a great dish for my husband and I because we were both more than capable of removing fish from the bone. If you plan to make this for small children I would do that for them before plating the rest of the meals – because the fish does cool quickly.

Happy eating!