Last night hubby and I went to Anthony’s on Elgin for Taste of Winterlude – and I guess to celebrate Family Day, even though he didn’t get the day off. This being my first restaurant review on the new blog I will set up some guidelines. I plan to judge each place I visit based on 5 characteristics (price, ambiance, menu options, food taste / presentation and overall impression) to add up to a potential 5 star rating. So let’s get started! 

Price – Amazing value for your money here. We opted for the price fix menu for winterlude (which changes here daily) and were pleasantly surprised to find it was $15 LESS than advertised on the Taste of Winterlude website. Very happy indeed. 

Ambiance – Beautiful little place. Small, cozy and tastefully decorated. Felt like home – only a cleaner classier home. 

Menu Options – There wasn’t anything on there I wouldn’t eat. Not that I’m the pickiest eater but it definitely took me a couple extra minutes to narrow down my selection! 

Food – Wonderful. Hubby started with a Lobster Cocktail, Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Tomato Relish (that I was really jealous of) and an espresso mouse. While I opted for a Brie and Date Philo starter, Stuffed Chicken Breast and Passion Fruit Cheese Cake. All were delicious. Nothing revolutionary but very satisfying and tasty. 

 Overall – I really enjoyed my visit to Anthony’s on Elgin. Great location, food and price. I will definitely return. 4 out of 5 stars