The Manx is an adorable, cozy pub located on 370 Elgin Street. Quiet and unassuming this is a wonderful place to sit back, relax and have a wonderful bite to eat with friends.

Price – On the higher end of the lunch scale for a pub, but the quality and quantity are definitely there. Well worth the price – your average meal costing between $12 and $15.

Ambiance – I loved the unassuming nature of the bar – there was a steady amount of people on this dreary February afternoon but the pace was so relaxed and comforting you felt you could stay all day. And with a supply of board games and novels in the back corner you would have something to do too!

Menu Options – standard size menu for lunch with a lot of variety of items. The best part being that I would have happily eaten anything on the menu!

Kris’ Lamb Curry Sandwich with Salad

Food – This was a great lunch. The sandwiches and wraps were delicious, the salad was fresh and had a wonderful dressing. I left feeling full and satisfied but not about to sleep the afternoon away at my desk. My only complaint was the size of the sprouts on the salad – they were quite annoying and impossible to eat politely without cutting them. I had the pulled pork sandwich with chili sauce and Kris had the Lamb Curry sandwich – both amazing. (Jason & Sharon’s club looked great too!)

Overall – Comforting atmosphere and food, great service and the perfect place to escape to for a great meal. 4.5 / 5 stars.

My Pulled Pork Wrap