The Green Papaya that this review is based on is the 246 Queen Street location, I can’t vouch for all of them but I have been to others and they all seem pretty much the same. Let’s get to it!

Price – Decent. I paid $10.50 for a plate of Pad Thai, and let me say it’s not worth much more than that. In fact I think I might have over paid. But the fact that it is on an actual plate, thus requires someone to wash the dish and I had a server is probably the reason it was more expensive than what you get in the mall. Even though it is the same quality.

Ambiance – Nicely decorated, but tables are crammed together. I know it is to accommodate the people who are lined up waiting for a table. But I really can’t see why. There must be a lack of good restaurants in the area to have people lined up to eat here.

Menu Options – Good sized menu for lunch time. Many different options, but most are just variations of the same noodle or rice dish.

Food – Regular sized portion of forgettable but non offensive Pad Thai. Certainly nothing to write home about and nothing that would have me coming back for more. Honestly if a Thai restaurant can’t make stellar Pad Thai, it isn’t worth my time.

Overall – Decent place, but the company was the best part of that lunch. 2.5 stars out of 5.