On a night we had just planned to go out to celebrate my husband’s new job, we were looking for a pub that would let us relax, have a few drinks and a great meal. We found all of this at more at the Brig (23 York Street in the Byward Market). 

Price – Good price for the amazing food that you get. Dinner starts around $13 and work their way up from there. Drinks are decently priced as well. 

Ambiance – laid back pub style with a bit of class. There is no need to dress up but a nice shirt never hurt anyone either. Though we had no reservations on the Saturday night, the staff were easily able to accommodate a table of 7 with no notice. 

My stuffed pork chop. 

Menu Options – though it is not a lengthy menu, everything on it looked amazing. They are however, lacking in vegetarian and vegan options. 

Food – Very good. I don’t think I have a bad thing to say about any of the meals. Beyond my own I got to taste a little of Kate’s tuna and Kris’ pasta. For myself the pork chop was cooked really well, the mashed potatoes were delightful and the salad was lovely. 

Overall – We had a great time, good wine and a really enjoyable meal. 4 out of 5 stars.