As I become fully absorbed in the foodie lifestyle I find myself becoming more interested in gardening, specifically fruits and vegetables. Two years ago was my first real attempt at a vegetable garden and I was surprised that I was not only easily able to keep the plants alive, but I found such joy in seeing the literal fruits of my labour. Of course my joy was lessened by my neighbour who had a lot more experience than I and thus a much more productive garden. Keeping up with the Jones’ tomatoes as it were.

Since that time I’ve moved into a new home and am about to start my garden from scratch once again – this time with a very important difference. Rather than going to the market and buying flats of already started plants, I have invested in seeds. I love seeds – so much potential from such a tiny package. But that’s not the only amazing thing about them.

They are relatively inexpensive and I have stumbled across the most amazing supplier . I encourage anyone who is thinking of doing ANY kind of vegetable or herb gardening to check them out.

The selection of seeds they offer is amazing – organic, endangered and rare varieties of all of your favourite items. My yard is quite small so I resolved to purchase seeds for items that I am not easily able to find in the market in the summer time. Why plant beefsteak tomatoes when you could have an endangered Black Krim Tomato??  Why grow regular red peppers that are easily purchased from the farmer’s market when you could have a sustainably grown Alma Paprika Sweet Pepper?

The reason these plants are rare (some are even endangered) is because of the industrialization of farming. Giant farms that plant the same breed of peppers because it is what we are used to. Using seeds to plant unique and unusual varieties of plants gives us the gift of diversity while letting us eat locally. And the feeling of seeing those little veggies grow is amazing!