Mmmm Brunch. Is there anything better? Not for me. I love everything about it – the fact that it’s served later so you can sleep in; the way it is two meals in one so I feel like I can eat more without the guilt, actually if brunch is good enough there is no need for anything else until dinner. And my favourite part of brunch, that your eggs can come with a side salad. I don’t know why, but I love it.

For this adventure some great company (Kris and Kate) joined me at the Mayflower on Elgin Street (right on the corner of Elgin and Cooper). The front is a diner and the back is the pub where we sat – which was very fitting as it was the Saturday before St. Patty’s day.

Price – I find the Mayflower has really fair prices. The amount of food you get is quite substantial and almost every option hovers around the $8-$9 mark. It’s nothing fancy, but the price reflects that.

Ambiance – I love having breakfast in the pub. Usually I end up going for breakfast because I was in a pub the night before, this is a nice way to mix it up. The only complaint I have is that the tables are a bit small. It’s hard for 2 people to find room for their food and drinks on these. However, the tables in the diner side were larger.

Menu Options – Standard brunch options, more than just your offerings of eggs and sausage but nothing that really stands out. It’s a fair sized menu with all of the options sounding mouth watering – but for me it’s really all about the waffles.

Food – My favourite part of going to the Mayflower is the waffles. Big, thick and with a slight hint of vanilla – they are awesome! So many places offer only pancakes or French toast (some sneaky places give you thin pancakes with little ridges and call it a waffle but I’m on to them). They were awesome. Kris’ omelette and Kate’s Eggs Benedict looked great too.

 Overall – Mayflower is one of those hole in the wall places that I keep coming back to time and again. Good prices, quick to get you seated and good food. The day we arrived service was a bit slow, but the place was packed because of the impending St. Patty’s day parade. I know one day I’ll be back, and I’m sure I’ll be having the waffles. 4 out of 5.