I’m very excited today because I didn’t have to write today’s post! It comes from my cousin Ann in Belgium and it looks amazing. Ann is a talented artist – you can check out her work here: www.annvervoenen.centerall.com

So take it away Ann! 

Supplies ( for 10 trouts )

8 cloves garlic pressed
8 teaspoons coarse sea salt ( you can also use regular salt, but less)
lots of black pepper ( because it has a soft taste )
juice of 3 lemons
3 pots of chives
6 finely chopped shalots
3 finely chopped onions
6 teaspoons leaf parsley
8 sprigs fresh thyme rinsed
+- 8 bay leaves
1 bunch parsley ordinary

MethodChop all herbs, mix together with all ingredients and pouring with olive oil to a paste. Clean the trouts and dry with paper towel. Make 3 or 4 incisions in the trouts.

Fill the stomach with the mixture and put in a dish with tinfoil + put some mixture over it.

Cover with tinfoil and leave overnight in the fridge.

Next day: grill on the BBQ.

Burn the charcoal until you have no flames anymore. Now you have a nice heat. Grill each side 5 minutes and it’s ready!

Very good with fries or bread.

Bon apetit!