Last week I was given the opportunity to talk with Brian Kennelly, owner of Aubrey’s – a market butcher shop that has been around since 1908 and specializes in providing top quality local items.

(Simply Fresh) Tell me a little bit about your shop and why you choose to carry local products above all others.

(Brian) Aubrey’s has been in business since 1908 – so we have been supported by the community for over 102 years. We feel we would be less than honourable if we didn’t support the community in turn by purchasing from local farmers. Local products can compete with anything imported from other areas. In fact, we are purchasing more local products now than we were even 20 years ago.

What advice can you offer to customers who want to ensure they are getting the freshest meat possible?

Know your butcher and ask questions.

How do you ensure that you are providing your customers with the highest quality products?

Because of our rapport with the producers we can actually see our products being raised whenever we want. The producers are also selling to a person and not just a business, making the farmer accountable for the quality of the products they sell. We know what the product is, where it is, what’s on hand and what the animal eats. We know how they are treated, processed and handled. In addition, two of our staff have culinary certification – from field to fork knowledge.

In addition to pasture raised beef, nitrate free ham and free run chicken, Aubrey’s carries a variety of farm based game meats. What game meat would you consider to be your favourite and why?

I like Bison. It is lean and flavour full, without an over powering gamey taste.

On your website,, it mentions that your butchers are more than just butchers, they are also chefs with great ideas to help you plan your next meal. What dish is your favourite to prepare?

Personally I like stuffed Pork Tenderloin. Kyle, he loves anything Pork on the BBQ. And Simon likes to make anything and everything pasta.

My last question comes compliments of Don from FoodiePrints – can you give away any secrets from your legendary rotisserie chicken?

I’ll just say – whatever you put on the outside of the chicken, make sure you stuff some inside as well.

Thanks again to Brian for the great answers. Aubrey’s is located on 59 York Street on Ottawa’s ByWard Market. The staff are knowledgeable and kind – when you stop in make sure you say ‘Hi’ to Brian.