I’m not sure if you have ever been to one of these places – there are a couple locations in Ottawa but it seems to be a local secret. They are called McDonalds and let me tell you they have the best food in town. They serve these things called McNuggets which I have heard is scientifically the best tasting part of the chicken.

If you haven’t figured it out… April Fools. I was planning to write a full review but I didn’t want anyone for a second to think I was serious and honestly I haven’t been in McDonalds since I was 7 so I’m not really able to write a convincing review.

In a related but real note, there is a great new initiative that I recommend you all check out – http://www.retireronald.org/. It’s called Retire Ronald and it is just as you guessed, a campaign to get McDonalds to stop marketing their unhealthy food towards children by getting rid of the clown.

Surprisingly 46% of people who are in favour of this move have a favorable opinion of the mascot, but they feel it is time to stop selling to children. Not only does this give children a break from the bombardment of advertising for something not good for them, it gives the parents a break from having to hear their children beg for the toy in the happy meal.

Visit www.retireronald.org to sign the retirement card / petition.