A few nights ago Hubby and I decided to head out for Italian. We ended up at Il Vagabondo, which is a little place just across from ZaZaZa on 186 Barette St, just off of Beechwood. 

Price – I thought for the portion size and the quality of the food it was maybe a little overpriced. Not by much, perhaps a dollar or two per plate – but enough so that you notice it. 

Ambiance – I love the feel of Il Vagabondo. It’s like a little hidden restaurant only you know about. While there is actually a large amount of seating, it is broken into 3 different sections so you never feel like you are in the middle of a very large restaurant. It helps it to keep it’s cozy nature. 

Menu Options – I found the menu to be pretty good. Several different options for those who don’t like pasta or want a vegetarian dish. Nothing extravagant but a solid menu with several delicious sounding choices. 


Food – Here is where I disagree with the Ottawa Dining guide. The Lasagna was good – but not the best in the city. I actually found the food to be good, but nothing special. Portion sizes were a little small, but luckily we weren’t that hungry to start with. 

Overall – I’m in not love with Il Vagabondo. In a city where there are so many wonderful restaurants I think it will be a long while before I come back. 3 out of 5 stars.