In preparation for my visit to Benny’s Bistro (119 Murray Street in the Byward Market) I made an ask to my foodie friends as to what I should order. The answer came back time and again – everything. So needless to say I had high hopes.

Price – a little higher than your normal brunch will run you, but for the quality of ingredients it is well worth the price. You also receive a very decent sized portion of food – it may look small next to our super sized ideals of what constitutes a portion these days, but there is more than enough for a meal here.

Ambiance – located in the back of the French Baker, eating at Benny’s Bistro reminds me of sitting in a friend’s kitchen. It’s bright and each of the tables give you plenty of room. While there isn’t a lot of seating, there is more than enough space between tables. We even had a stroller with us and it was no problem. It’s a friendly and inviting space – though it was pretty warm in there the day we visited.

Menu Options – a small menu that changes with the seasons. Though there isn’t too much to choose from everything sounded amazing and in the end it was very hard to decide on just one dish.


Food – here is where Benny’s Bistro really shines – amazing food. Clean, fresh and wonderful. I enjoyed every single bite of my own meal and the bites I managed to seal from Kris. 

Overall – I found the only thing lacking at Benny’s was really good table service. When we arrived our reservation had never been taken down. Luckily the wait for a table was not long. After that I found that our server was not very attentive, nor were they able to properly split the bill into 2 even though they were asked twice. However, they were very friendly on the few occasions they flagged to the table. 4 out of 5.