Dear Kris,

I know you will read this because I will send you the link every hour on the hour until you do. I have decided what I would like for my birthday… I very much would like to return to the NAC and get to experience the Taste 5 menu again with Chef Michael Blackie. It was amazing – but I only made it to the 3rd course before I had to leave. Sad face.

Not only do you get a private chef’s table, but you get to meet the chef and his team (all very nice) and you get to help prepare the dish. I know it may sound odd that I want to cook my own birthday dinner – but I assure you it is a great time! To top it off, each course is paired with a wine.

Here are a couple amazing postings about that incredible night:

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It was so unique and so much fun – you’re going to love it. And remember, your birthday comes next and I haven’t quite decided which amazing thing to do for you… but I have a feeling your choice here will impact my decision.

Love you!