I met a friend at LUNCH the other day, 121 Bank Street) for… well… lunch. Here is what I found:

Price – Very well priced. The sandwiches and wraps range from $6-$8 depending on the ingredients. Soup, Chili and Salads will run you between $3-$6. For this you get a decent portion. It’s not a sub, but it will leave you full.

Ambiance – With minimal seating, LUNCH is meant to be a drop in and take out location. It gives it a busy, hustle and bustle feeling which the colourful décor reflects. It’s a fun place to meet with friends, just don’t expect a quiet place to chat.  

Menu Options – I was really impressed with the variety of sandwich, wraps and salads that LUNCH has to offer. All made fresh and pre-packaged for easy pick up, which is both a good and bad thing. While I enjoy the sounds of most of their items – I really do like having the option to not put onions in my sandwich. I really dislike raw onions and it was a shame that the tarragon chicken salad already had them inside.

Food – I ended up picking the local ham sandwich. It’s was the special for the month of april and contained only local ingredients. I’ve got to say, I’m not normally a friend of ham sandwiches, but I really enjoyed this one. It was so fresh and taste.  I also love how many of their menu options have free range, organic chicken.

Overall – I enjoyed LUNCH, it was quick, easy, fresh and tasty. Now if only they had more than just the one sandwich that was local… and perhaps free run eggs in the egg salad?? So much potential… 4 out of 5 stars.