Located at 431 Gilmour Street, Savana Cafe is a hidden gem of  the Ottawa food scene. Surrounded by homes, but just off of Bank Street – Savana Cafe is in the perfect location for lunch if you happen to work downtown or dinner. Here is what I found: 

Price – Great prices. Lunch runs about $12 while dinner is anywhere from $17 – $23. For the quality and freshness of the ingredients you are getting here it is hard to beat those prices. Local when possible and always flavourfull – worth every penny. 

Ambiance – Colourful and vibrant. Savana is a perfect place to go with friends for a lively meal. It has a lovely patio and a charm all its own. The art work is interesting and the several smaller dining rooms make it feel intimate. 


Menu Options – A smaller menu for sure, but still hits every note. Vegetarians will have no trouble finding something delish, and neither will anyone else. Everything sounds amazing and the food does not disappoint. 

Food – Such flavour! Fresh ingredients and amazing seasonings. It was like a party for my mouth. I had the smoked paprika chicken wrap with garlic aioli and was blown away by how tasty it was. So good I wish I was eating it right now. 

 Overall – I loved my visit to Savana Cafe and I hope to return very soon. Of course the amazing company I had helps! 4.5 out of 5 stars.