I want to tell you about the best purchase I ever made. Last year Hubby and I decided that we would buy grass fed beef that was raised on a little farm near Gatineau Park about 20 minutes from our house.

Best. Idea. Ever.

First of all the meat is local – which I don’t have to tell you equals love in my book. Good for our community economy, good for the planet, good all around. It also means that I was able to visit the farm in person to get a look at where my food was coming from.

The rest of the benefits come from the product itself. Raising cattle on a grass diet (as nature intended) rather than a grain diet (which causes them to fatten up beyond their normal size) has many health benefits. Obviously the diet of an animal (cow, pig or human) has impacts on the health of the animal and the nutritional content of that animal. Grass fed beef is much lower in fat than grain fed, so much so that ounce to ounce it compares to skinless chicken.  

Grass fed beef has lower calories, higher levels of Omega 3’s and higher levels of vitamin E. For a more in depth look at the benefits visit here.

To tell you the truth before we started eating the beef from Moylinny Farm, Hubby and I weren’t big steak eaters. Ground beef sure, a stew now and then. But that was it for our enjoyment of beef. That has all changed. The flavour that comes from grass fed beef is amazing. You don’t realize how bland all that factory farmed stuff is until you try it. Another awesome benefit – it cooks quicker.

Last year we split a side of beef with my brother – this year I think we’ll be taking the whole thing ourselves.