Just off of Beechwood Ave (143 Putnam) in the building that started The Works and Fraser Cafe is Zazaza – Pizza with Pizazz. From the creators of The Works it does for pizza what they have done for the burger. And it is good…

Price – Very reasonable pizzas range in price from $8 – $17 depending on the combination of toppings and the size of pizza you order. There are individual pizzas (which was way more than I could eat) and larger sizes for bigger groups looking to share.

Ambiance – while it feels more open than the works used to in this location, it is still a small and cozy place. The dramatic colours help to create a classier atmosphere than the works has, but the tightness of the spot can be distracting at times. Depending on where you are sitting you could find yourself having to move repeatedly for other customers or wait staff to get by.

Menu Options – this is where Zazaza shines! While not as developed as the works (especially in terms of drink and non pizza options) there are so many amazing pizza combos to choose from. I’ve been to The Works several times, but going to Zazaza brought back memories from my first visit. Not knowing which option to try – but wanting to try everything. It’s a very exciting time.

Food – I finally settled on the Fancy Fungi – a 3 mushroom pizza with mozzarella and goat cheese. Let me tell you, if there is anything I like more than cheese and carbs, it’s cheese, carbs and mushrooms. The toppings were ample and the crust was amazing. It had a pesto base sauce and truffle oil drizzle. Heaven.

Overall – I adore Zazaza – I want to try all their pizza varieties. And as they are just getting started I know there are many more additions to their menu to come, including hopefully the option for whole wheat crust! 5 out of 5 stars.