Today is a day when a lot of things are about to change for my family. It’s my last day at work for a while and as such my world is about to become very different from here on out. It may happen that in a month or two that life will return to its somewhat normal state – but it won’t be quite the same.

The biggest change that my time at home will bring is a slashing to my food budget. Unfortunately it has not come with a change on my ideas about food, health and belief that the only way to eat healthy is to eat real food. Homemade and from as many organic, local products as possible. Healthy, organic, local food has always come with a higher price tag, one I feel is justified and one I’ve never minded paying.

 So rather than resort to feeding my family ramen noodles and eating Kraft dinner every night of the week, I am determined to make my lifestyle fit my budget. Thus… introducing Frugal Food Fridays!

 The biggest disconnect with eating healthy is money. It is cheaper to eat crap plain and simple. But it doesn’t have to be that big a difference. Join me as my adventure takes a budget conscious turn every Friday. Hopefully you will find some helpful tips – and maybe even give me some too.

 Happy Eating!