Well Mother’s day has long since come and passed, but finally here is my review for Play Food and Wine – to which Hubby and I took his Mom for Mother’s Day Brunch.

Price – The plates at Play are smaller than most courses, that’s not to say you will be able to eat more than one! But as such the price is anywhere from $8 -$15 per plate for lunch. At lunch there is a great deal at 2 plates for $20 which Hubby took advantage of. Each meal comes with a suggested wine pairing (also in small sized glasses) at very reasonable prices. While thisΒ can be a more expensive lunch, the quality of the food makes it worth the price.

Ambiance – light and airy, Play is much larger inside than you would ever suspect from looking at it on the street. There are plenty of windows and a very open concept that give it a comfortable, breezy feel. A great place for a casual conversation or business lunch.

Menu Options – with so many small plates to choose from, Play Food and Wine has a wonderful selection of menu options. All of which sound amazing. For Mother’s Day Brunch they had a special menu with some more breakfasty items, including my meal a banana bread French toast. I’ve heard this dish was one of Elvis’ favourites, and if his version was anything like mine I can see why. But more on that in the next section…

Food – To die for. Just wonderful – everything was so elegant and delishious. Fresh and simple with wonderful flavour and balance. I could have sat there all day trying new and different plates… if only my stomach would have allowed it.

Overall – Amazing food in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. I will certainly be back and ready for more! 4.5 out of 5 stars.