The Glebe just got a little sweeter indeed with the grand opening of The Flour Shoppe. I had a chance to check it out while strolling around during the Great Glebe Garage Sale. Here is what I found…

Price – At $2.50 a cupcake prices are right in line with other fancy cupcake treats that can be found around the city in various bakeries. And let me tell you, you are paying for quality. Sure you might be able to buy 2 individual cupcakes from Loblaws for that price – but they aren’t half as good.

Ambiance – light and stylish, the Flour Shoppe has several tables for those who just cannot wait to get home before eating their treats. The cupcake art is playful and the display case for the day’s offerings of cup cake flavours is drool worthy. The shop is almost as pretty as the cupcakes themselves.

Menu Options – Everyday there is a different selection of cup cake flavours to choose from. I was happy not to have the entire spectrum in front of me as it was already a hard decision, but the promise of new flavours the next day has me wanting to go back just to see what’s available. There was something for every personality from daring (spicy chipotle chocolate and earl grey) to classic (black and white and strawberry).

Food – light and delicious, cupcakes from the flour shoppeΒ are addictive! Even though we were there at 10am I easily could have had 3 or 4. Each cupcake is made from real ingredients, yes there strawberries were harmed in the making of the strawberry flavoured cupcake. And you can taste it!

Overall – I love the Flour Shoppe. And not just because I used to work with the owner, Melissa, in another life. I can think of no better way to finish (or start) a walk in the Glebe than with a cup cake stop! 4.5 out of 5 stars.