Have you ever heard the saying that a serving of meat should be the size of your palm? Do you follow that rule? For quite some time I can sincerely say that I haven’t been. My meals were easily 1/3 protein with 1/3 starch or grain and 1/3 veggie.

So this leads me to my first Frugal Food Friday tip – redesign your servings. It’s no secret that meat is often the most expensive part of a meal. It’s also a fact that most Canadians struggle to get enough fruit and veggies in their diets, but really have no trouble getting protein. Rather than serving in thirds, I suggest switching to quarters. 1/4 meat, 1/4 grain and 1/2 a plate of veggies. Two different kinds. This will help with veggie in take as you stop feeling like you are eating nothing but carrots, or peas or asparagus. And it also gives you a great opportunity to cut down on how much meals are costing.

Pork chops with raspberry maple balsamic reduction

While you are redesigning the layout of your serving… lets also talk about the plate you are serving it on. As little as 30 years ago plates used to have a decorative border that you were not to serve food over. The actual portion of the dish on which you served food was much smaller. So, meals were smaller. Now the serving size of dinner plates is much bigger, and we fill it! Years of being told to “clean your plate” has also given us the mentality that we must eat all the food that is placed in front of us, despite being full several bites earlier. So change your plate. Start serving dinner off of smaller salad plates. Trust me, you’ll eat less and not even notice. And if you want to go back for seconds it will be because you are actually hungry and not just eating for the sake of eating.

Saves you money and calories so your waist and your wallet will thank you!

Speaking of which here is a great tip to make healthy, homemade microwave and stove top popcorn.