This week on twitter there was a lot of talk about gardens and who is doing what. Local eating at it’s finest! Last year hubby and I couldn’t have a garden because we moved half way through the summer – too early to take advantage of what was planted, too late to start again. But it’s another year and now I once again have my very own veggie patch. I should start by saying that my yard is very… very small. In addition to the garden there is a BBQ, our bikes and 2 chairs… and it is FULL.  We also have a clothes line, but it’s retractable so I don’t think it really counts as taking up space in the yard since it’s against the wall most of the time. All this to say that no matter how small the space there is always room for veggies.

So here it is:

Ok, ok… it doesn’t look like much right now. That’s because the cat decided he needed to sit on all of my seeds as they were trying to grow so now I’ve resorted to just starting them in the garden in the first place. How is this?

Better?  I can’t wait to see how everything turns out!