This is really more of an announcement or reminder than an article. For years I’ve always said that I wanted to do more ‘pick-your-own’ when it comes to berries. But by the time I remember that I said that we are well into raspberry season. I guess there is something about the joy of the first round of nice weather that makes me a little forgetful. So as a service to you, I’m letting you know that the pick your owns are open!! Well some at least. I called Orleans Fruit Farm the other day and they haven’t opened for pick your own yet, though you can grab some pre-picked berries at their road side stand.

The other day Hubby and I went to Proux Farm and were delighted with the quality and quantity of berries. We ended up with 12 litres of berries for just over $16 – a deal hard to beat. And it only took us about 45 minutes to fill them. A tip perhaps for Frugal Food Friday. Another great perk of Proux Farm is that they have several different varieties of berries – some larger, some smaller; some very sweet, some less so.

I hear the sun will be coming out at some point today – should be a great day for berry picking!