This past Saturday was Taste of Wellington – an annual event that sees foodies from all over the city come down to Wellington West for some awesome freebies and tastings from the most popular restaurants in the area.

Let me tell you – it was amazing! Yes, it rained for the first 20 minutes ensuring that Hubby and I were cursing the dry umbrella that had stayed behind in the car. The food, however, was worth every drop of rain. Beyond the weather, it was so nice to spend the afternoon talking food, tasting food and hanging out with other foodies. That was a treat in and of itself.

I didn’t have a least favorite of the day… or at least not one that comes to mind readily. But my favorite by far was the chicken burger served by Allium. Perfection. So much flavor from just a little slider. I can’t wait to go there for a full meal.

As much as I loved the day, I do have one tineey tiny complain – and no I’m not bitching about the rain again – it’s just that if Taste of Wellington wanted to showcase the varied nature of the restaurants in the area they failed. Epically. It felt that at least half of the restaurants participating this year served meat on bread. Burgers, chicken burgers, pulled pork, pulled elk… not to say it wasn’t all tasty, just that it got a little repetitive. However, now I can at least say I compared apples to apples… or at least a Macintosh to a Granny Smith.

This event also has a charitable side with volunteers and staff from Causeway there to accept donations. I even saw a 20 pound lobster raffel going on to help those with chrones and colitus.  Note the picture below is of a 13 pound lobster … just a baby compaired to the one they were raffling! Beside him is your standard 1.5 pound dinner… I mean lobster.

It’s a great event I hope to see you at next year! Just hopefully behind me in line.