Another Friday, another Frugal Food Friday post. Let’s get started with a budget update.

I failed. Horribly. But I have reasons! First, it was my birthday so we needed to pick up party supplies. Second – it was berry season and we needed to stock up! But still that doesn’t explain just why we spent so much this time. Here is how it broke down:

$95- on local or organic food

$140 – on other food, cleaners, pet food related items

For a grand total of $235…. WHAT?? Oh my god!!! How the hell did I spend that much money?? I guess sometimes writing it down just shocks you more than anything else.

Last week’s total of $163 broke down to $4.50 per person per day and this week’s breaks down to $6.71. You know what? That doesn’t make me feel any better at all. Wow…

Truthfully I knew this was going to happen. Special occasion and I realized that my food budget was going to take a hit. I had two options, one I could have just had my birthday in a pub thus I wouldn’t have to make food for my guests, or option two I get creative and find the money.

I chose option two. So I started by looking at my overall budget to see what could give. There wasn’t much there I think I could spare about $25. Time to look harder. I looked around my house and found some things we didn’t need anymore – an old shovel, a bike that no longer fit my step daughter, a rake and I threw them up for sale on Used Ottawa. BAM – $55 more.

Finally, since the party got me into this, it could get me out… I actually returned the massive amounts of empty bottles in my basement. With that $10 I technically came in UNDER budget by $5.

This isn’t something you can do every week or even month but on those very rare occasions when your budget needs a little boost we all have it in us to get a bit creative.

Here are some other options to boost your budget temporarily:

– Are you crafty? There is a great website called Etsy where you can sell your amazing hand crafted items! 

– Do you have a skill others would like to learn or have done for them? Maybe you are a great photographer, artist or writer? You could offer family portraits, or write children stories based on a client’s child!

– Maybe you are like me and you have a bunch of books you have already read and CD’s you don’t listen to anymore… places like the Book Market may take the books off your hands and there are still a handful of independent CD shops that would be interested in your music.

Do you have any ideas? Post them in the comments section!