Today is hot… and I mean HOT. So much so that the dog is sleeping by the water bowl and waking up only for a drink every now and again.

If you can’t sleep the day away – another way to make it through is with a great glass of home madeΒ Iced Tea. I love homemade iced tea – not only can you spice it up with a variety of different fair or ethically traded teas, but you can also control the amount of sugar and reduced the amount of additives. There is also a frugal food tip with this recipe… most of the recipes I come across want you to add 5 – 20 tea bags to cold water to make your iced tea. This is because tea doesn’t steep very well in cool water – but by starting with boiled water you can lessen the amount of tea needed for this awesome drink! Sadly you do increase the time it takes to make.

Iced Tea
2 Tea bags or 2 TBSP of your favorite fair or ethically traded tea in one of those tea balls used for infusing
4 cups of boiling water
3 TBSP fresh lemon juice – optional
1 cup sugar

Bring the water to a boil in a pot on the stove – dissolve sugar and add tea and lemon juice. Turn heat off and allow tea to steep until desired strength. I would suggest you allow it to get quite strong because you will be adding ice and possibly more water to it. Once you have removed the tea bags, transfer to a jug filling with additional water if you have room. Place in fridge over night to cool. Serve with ice.

So that’s the basic recipe – now go nuts. Add mint, make your tea a combo of Earl Grey and Green Tea. Add lime juice instead of lemon. If you think it will be refreshing and amazing – DO IT! Then let me know all your favourite variations in the comment section below. The very best thing about making something from scratch is how different it can be from the same old stuff you can buy at any corner store.

Get adventurous! And let me know how it goes…