Hot Damn.

That is the sentence I need to start this review off with. What a fantastic meal. Hubby and I were lucky enough to dine at Beckta thanks to a very generous gift from my in laws for my birthday. I swear I almost cried when I saw the gift card. Lets get started…

Price – this is why I thought it might be a while before I made it here. Beckta is a little on the pricy side. But you will not be put in the poor house for eating here. Hubby and I were able to have two glasses of wine, split an appetizer and each have mains and our own dessert for about $150 including tip. While it may be a bit more than your average night out – it is worth it. The quality, the service, the ambiance – you would pay a lot more for it in other cities.

Ambiance – speaking of which… I have never felt so damn special. While not overly fancy, Beckta screams sophistication. Their decor is subtle and elegant but it is their staff that really add to your evening. Attentive and kind – it was such a pleasure! While there is no need for a ball gown – dressing up a little never hurt anyone. And it really adds to your evening – makes the whole thing seem extra special.

Menu Options – The menu isn’t huge at Beckta – which is only open for dinner by the way – but everything on it sounds amazing! Local food, sustainably fished seafood from Whalesbone, and free range poultry. Beckta is a step above at providing environmentally friendly menu options. There is something here for everyone as long as you enjoy amazing food. With a menu based on what is available locally and seasonally there will be slight changes to the menu as seasons progress. My meal for example was the fresh gnocchi that came with asparagus tips rather than the fiddle heads that were in the dish a week or so previously while they were in season. Not to worry, your excellent server will of course let you know all about any substitutions the kitchen is making before you place your order.

Food – Now to the best part of any review… the food talk. Oh. My. Lord. What fantastic food. You will notice that the picture of my gnocchi is blurry because I could not wait the 4.3 seconds it takes to focus a shot because I wanted to dive in so badly. Spectacular is a word that comes to mind. The food is flavourful, fresh and inspired. Hubby and I started with the Albacore Tuna Crudo – which we split and was thoughtfully brought to us on two separate plates. I’m not normally a raw fish kind of girl, but this was heavenly. Light with flavourful garnishes that each added their own twist on the tuna. Then we moved on to the main course where I had the home made gnocchi and hubby went with the Scallops on a Wild Garlic & Porcini Purée. To die for. Just a fantastic plate of food. I had been looking forward to this meal for weeks and it did not disappoint in the slightest.

We finished it off with the best dessert I have had in years. I didn’t even make it to the photo stage for this I had already dived in. I went with the Spring Maple which came on a plate divided into four. One corner had coffee cake, the next english toffee, the third had maple gelato and the fourth and my favourite was a maple fudge. Hubby’s was great too… or so he says I don’t think I even realized there was anyone else in the building until I finished that heaven on a plate. I am 100% serious when I tell you that there was no conversation at our table for at least 5 minutes except for sounds of eating, “‘mmmmm”s and orgasmic eye rolling.

That is to say nothing of the two amuse bouche delivered to our table to bookend our meal. Extra touches like this go a long way to making the evening go from great to legendary.

Overall – This is a meal I will always have fond memories of. Fantastic food with excellent service and the best company a girl could ask for. 5 out of 5 stars.