I’ve wanted to check out this new Spanish restaurant in Orleans at 2564 St Joseph Blvd for a little while now – read this great review by The Lemon Kitchen and you will too. So one morning Hubby and I decided to check it out for breakfast. Here’s what I found:

 Price – Breakfast here is exactly what you would expect to pay – basic dishes starting around $8 and the fancier items coming to close to $13. Good value for your money – when all is said and done I was very full for a reasonable price! In fact I had to bring some of the meal home with me, so it was like a 2 for 1 breakfast!

 Ambiance – This cute little Restaurant and Tapas Bar gives you the feeling of home. You are comfortable immediately in the low key environment. Unassuming and down to earth, Su Casa reminds you of visiting a friend right from the word go. A great place to meet with friends, or in our case sit down for a great conversation over some food.

  Menu options – Plenty to choose from and to my delight the Spanish influence even translates to breakfast. Not just your standard bacon and eggs, though they have those too… along with pancakes, omelettes and French toast. Its enough that if you came back for here for breakfast every day of the week you could have something new each time and still only be 1/2 way through the menu.


Food – It’s good! Their regular Canadian style breakfast items are just that… regular breakfast items. But their specialty dishes are great! Hubby had this egg bake with tomatoes, peppers and chorizo sausage that was heavenly! Spicy, but not too much with home made bread and this little potato cake that was to die for! Seriously, next time I go I am going to order just a whole plate of those little potato cakes. With a slightly crisp exterior, this little ball of potato is soft and mouth watering inside.

 Over all – A great little spot for breakfast with items that you wont find anywhere else. I can’t wait to come back for dinner! 3.5 out of 5.