When budgets get tight there is one way to save that may seem contradictory but I swear it’s true. Spend more. Let me clarify – buy in bulk. It may cost more at first, but when you aren’t buying the same items week after week, in the long run you’ll save. Another bonus: when you buy bulk items like cleaning products, detergents and soaps – you’re doing the world a favour by using less packaging.


However, today’s post is about buying in bulk of another sort… chicken. When you go out to purchase chicken – buy the whole thing. One free run frying chicken will cost you around $12 and from it you can do so much! On average my family of 2.5 (Hubby, myself and step daughter every other week) can get dinner for 5 people and lunch for 4 out of one bird with bones left over to make stock. When you break that down it’s only $1.33 per person for the protein in your meal. And when you compare it to the $8 – $9 just for boneless skinless chicken breasts you buy in stores, it’s a deal.

There is another added bonus besides saving yourself some money – again it’s environmental. If everyone in the world only ate boneless skinless chicken breast, what would become of the other parts of the bird? Dog food? Throw it out? By using as many parts of the animals we eat we are not only respecting the animal who gave their life for our meal by making the most of their sacrifice, but we are making the most of our money by making sure it isn’t going to waste.

This may have you being a little creative to stretch your chicken and to keep you from getting bored with it. Here is a great list of things to do with roast chicken from Miss Fish – a stellar Ottawa food blogger.

But say you want to have a meal of chicken wings – and there are only 2 on your bird… at least I hope there are only 2 on your bird. You have a couple options here – go out and buy the pack of chicken wings, or cut your chicken so that you have the pieces you want and freeze the wings so that over time you collect enough of them for a meal. Cutting a chicken into 8 pieces is so simple – and it’s what you are paying extra for when you buy you chicken already in breasts or thighs. Here’s a step by step guide to cutting a chicken into 8 pieces. I’ll have a video of it to come… but this will let you get started now.

In the end, buying a whole chicken instead of just its pieces will save you money and time when you use the already cooked chicken in other dishes. Below are a couple of my chicken videos to inspire you on how to cook it! Enjoy…


Beer Can Chicken