On a lovely lunch date with my Mother in law I had the chance to visit Fraser Café just off of Beachwood Ave – 7 Springfield Road to be precise. From humble beginnings at the current Zazaza location, Fraser Café has moved on to a bigger and brighter location to accommodate their new and returning patrons.


Price – We went for lunch and found it to be very reasonably priced for the quality of food. You are looking around $14 for most items at lunch with dinner being closer to $25 – $30. Right in line with the better restaurants in town – a spot Fraser Café is right at home in.


Ambiance – A very cute and cozy place with a warmth and class that would make it a great date night spot. Though bigger than their last location, it can still be a tight squeeze if all the tables are full, which they often are so reservations are recommended – especially for brunch. Unfortunately the open kitchen concept, while an interesting focal point, creates a lot of heat that even the best air conditioners have trouble dealing with. Something to keep in mind on those scorching summer afternoons.




Menu Options – A short and simple menu that changes all the time to reflect the chef’s creativity and the seasons. Everything sounds amazing, original and delicious – making it really difficult to make up your mind. The one thing I did find odd, was that at the time I visited there was no vegetarian option on the dinner menu. Though lots of gluten free options.


Food – Fantastic. Just fantastic. I had a tuna salad sandwich – which sounds simple on the onset but I assure you was so filled with flavour that it was elevated to heights I did not believe possible for a tuna sandwich. I was also delighted to find out that I did not need to choose between the salad and homemade chips side dishes as both were included. Little extras like that make me smile.


Overall – A wonderful little restaurant with such creativity and style that I will be returning regularly… especially for dessert which sounded so sinfully decadent but I could not find room for. 4.5 out of 5 stars.