For Hubby’s birthday I got us a pair of tickets to see Jeff Martin (the former lead singer of the Tea Party who now does solo stuff)… we have a history with Mr. Martin. An intimate 30 person concert and Q&A session with him was our first date, we’ve been to see him numerous times and he sings our wedding song. But in order to fully enjoy the show – we needed a good meal to start off! So we met with our lovely friends at Shafalli Indian Restaurant on 308 Dalhousie.

Price – Very reasonable – it is a sit down Indian restaurant (no buffet) with each plate costing between $12 and $16. Naan, rice and appetizers run between $3 and $9. It works out to under $20 a person, for a serving of food that you can share with a table of 4 easily, plus rice and naan bread. There is also the option to have a set menu for groups of 2 – 6.

Ambiance – Cozy, clean and decorated with minimalist Indian decor. Shafali is a casual dining restaurant where they can accommodate you easily. While there I saw many people come in and get a table right away. Which is lucky because, though we had a reservation, those working there that night had no idea about it! It’s a very lovely and quiet place that is great for catching up with friends or having a nice night out with someone special. The service is quite good – friendly, although a little shy, and always there to refill drinks and take away finished plates.

Menu Options – Your standard Indian fare is here… along with many items you would not normally find on a buffet. There is also many options because most dishes come with the options of lamb, beef, chicken or vegetable versions. A luxury not given to those in the buffet line. There is a great many dishes with spice, but more than enough for those of us who prefer things on the milder side. It’s quite hard just to pick one dish (which is enough food for one person), so it’s best to go with friends and have everyone pick something different to share. That way you get a good variety without breaking the bank or having to cart a bunch of left overs.

Food – Not the best Indian food I’ve ever had. While I enjoyed the many different items that Shafali had to offer, I have to say the food was only alright. Definitely tasty, hot, fresh and good – but nothing to really write home about. This might be a good spot for those who are just starting out eating Indian food because most of the flavouring is quite mild.

Overall – I enjoyed Shafali, but I’m sad to say there isn’t much here that will keep me coming back time and time again. 3 out of 5 stars.