Second time is a charm! On this visit to Chez Lucien (137 Murray Street) Hubby and I were able to get a table no problem. To be fair we showed up at a more reasonable hour. Last time I had arrived at 8:30 and hoped to get a table, but they were already filled with happy patrons who had no intention of leaving any time soon… and I can see why.

Price – very reasonable, just what you would expect from upscale pub fare. Meals range from $9 – $18 depending on what you order with most meals coming in around the $13 mark. Pints of beer vary in price depending on what you order but most hover around $6. The one thing I found a little pricey was the cost of upgrading my side salad to a caesar salad. I know most restaurants charge for this – why I do not know, if you are making a decent garden salad surely the veggies in it equal the cost of bacon on a caesar.

Ambiance – this is a laid back and cool place to be. It definitely has that neighbourhood hang out vibe – a great place to spend a relaxed evening with friends. It’s cozy, and popular… a combination that can lead to cramped spaces. But everyone is so friendly and joyous that it really only helps to enhance the atmosphere… which is not something that all venues can say when they near capacity.

Menu Options – There is quite a bit of variety on this little menu! I was actually very impressed with their amount of seafood dishes and vegetarian options… not always the standard for small pubs. I’ve been told that this place is renowned for its Frida and Diego burger – named after the Mexican artists – however since I’m not a fan of onion or peppers I think it’s a dish best served to someone else. If you happen to try it – let me know what you think!

Food – It’s pretty good. I had a grilled chicken burger with sun dried tomato goat cheese. Flavourful, but a little dry. I loved that it came with both a salad and fries! Healthy and sinful all at the same time. Hubby had their seafood pasta which had an amazing assortment of seafood and was really quite lovely. But one of the main reasons to visit Chez Lucien is for their awesome selection of beer! They have a few of the regulars, but have a fantastic selection of beers I have never heard of. It was so much fun to just randomly pick one from the long list the waitress recited and give it a taste. I’ve done this a few times here and have never been disappointed. It’s an adventure in beer for the daring beer drinkers out there.

Overall – I had a great time at Chez Lucien, the atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly, the beer is unique, cold and refreshing and the food is pretty decent. I know I’ll be back as long as I can get a table or a bar stool! 4 out of 5 stars.