Flavouring your vinegar is a fantastic way to use up herbs in your garden while adding another dimension of taste to your dish. It’s so quick and simple it’s like I’m giving you a half-arsed post today.

Products like this can be very expensive in store, and you may have a hard time finding the combination you want.

Step 1 – go to the dollar store and buy yourself a bottle with a spout that will allow the vinegar to pour out but not necessarily the herbs.

Step 2 – wash and dry herbs from your garden (or fresh ones from the store) and place them in the bottle

Step 3 –  Fill the bottle with vinegar of your choosing. Below I used regular white vinegar and oregano and red wine vinegar with thyme.

The vinegar infuses with the herb flavour when allowed to sit for at least a few days and will last indefinitely as it pickles the herbs so they do not rot.

This method can be used to flavour olive oil as well, but it has a much shorter shelf life.

Happy saving, happy cooking!