If you follow me on facebook or twitter then you know that today was my first guest spot on Daytime Ottawa. For a 9 minute segment on how to make apple sauce I surely turned into a 4 day ordeal for hubby as I fretted and worried, then calmed down only to get a stomach full of butterflies again. I’m no doctor, but if I had to draw you a graph of my moods over the past couple days it would look like this:

Those high points were me at my worst – say when I discovered that the lemon juice that I had brought for my segment had leaked all over the bag, when I couldn’t decide what to wear, every time I tried to sleep leading up to the show or when hubby wished me good luck for the last time before I took off to the studio.

But because I am such a lucky foodie, there are also lots of points where I calmed down and that is in great thanks to my loved ones. Great advice from Kate, supportive hugs and tips from Hubby and all around encouraging words from everyone I know. Not to mention that everyone who works on Daytime Ottawa is super sweet! Notice at the end there when the nerves get under control… believe it or not that was as soon as I walked into the studio and met Erin, Derick and TL.

Thanks Daytime Ottawa for a wonderful time – I hope to be back soon!

** UPDATE** I should have posted this update long ago – I’m so sorry! There was a mix up with encoding and the footage never made it to the web. Disappointing I know… but there is always next time. Thanks again to Daytime Ottawa.