The other week Hubby and I were meeting up with friends before heading out to go dancing. We hadn’t planned to end up at Dominion but long story short we did. By the time we got there I was hungry… thus this review is born.

Price – It doesn’t get better than the Dominion Price wise… $7 hamburger platters, $5.50 – $7.25 for 20 oz drafts and cheap mixed drinks. I’m sure more than half the reason that people go to this place is for the great priced food and drink.

Ambiance – Sketchy to the point of fun. The biker door man at the front frightened me just a little, the graffiti in the stalls of the bathroom was hilariousย and incoherentย and the bar itself looks like it hasn’t changed in 20 years. While most places might have some kind of sports game on the big screen, the night we visited Dominion was playing Star Trek Nemesis. Awesome.

Menu Options – limited and strictly bar food – but honestly I was surprised there was food at all. What’s really great here, and the other half of the reason you would visit, is their really impressive ‘on tap’ menu. Beaus, Mill Street Organic and other local favourites right here on tap for a great price – and in glasses bigger than your average bar.

Food – I had a grilled cheese with onion rings. All kinds of greasy, cheesy goodness. It was edible and the price was right. I’m not going to say I was blown away, but I was hungry and it all got eaten. I didn’t feel great the next day – but that might have been more to do with the beers than the rings.

Overall – I can’t say I loved the place, but I know I’ll end up back there for a pint again someday… 3 out of 5 stars