On another great lunch date with my mother in law, we decided to check out Farbs Kitchen and Wine Bar on 18 Beechwood Ave.  I’ve got to say I was really happy with what I found.

Price – We went for lunch and found prices comparable to somewhere like Murray street or Fraser Cafe. Depending on your meal you are looking to pay anywhere from $12 to $20 for lunch. Dinner is a touch pricier with mains in the $25 to $35 range.

Ambiance – It’s gorgeous! Modern and sleek I loved the look of Farbs. It has lots of natural light and gorgeous decor. It’s also a great size – much bigger than I would have thought. It’s still perfect for an intimate night out but you don’t feel as squeezed in or pressed for space as you do in some other places.
Menu Options – It’s a limited menu – but that’s only because it is always changing! With the seasons and as different ingredients become available Farbs menu reflects that. So while you may only have 5 or 6 options when you arrive, those 5 or 6 may be totally different the next time you arrive. Personally I prefer it that way as oppose to something like Perkins that has a 27 page menu that never ever changes minus an insert of specials here and there.

Food – Amazing. I had a club sandwich with heirloom tomatoes and a fantastically creamy and comforting beet soup. The colour alone was enough to make me smile. But what really stole the show was my mother in law’s Steak Frites. It was phenomenal. The best she said she has ever had and I believe her – it was awesome! Accompanied with a delightful medley of wild mushrooms, this dish would make a regular steak eater out of me! 

Overall – I really enjoyed Farbs – great date place, great lunch spot, or perfect place for a girls night. I adore it when a restaurant offers half pint portions of beer (just the right size for me at lunch!) and pairs it with amazing sustainable food. 4.5 out of 5 stars.