I can’t believe I only have one more week until we are finished ‘Cook with Jamie’! Time has flown by… in a delicious, delicious way. Let’s jump into this week’s lesson.

Sausage Fusilli from page 72 – not going to lie. I totally forgot about this one. How could I? It’s right on the top of my list… yet somehow it was overlooked. I’m adding it to my list for next week. I can’t believe I forgot to eat sausage and pasta… I may be coming down with something.

Ok, on to one I actually made. Ragu of Tiny Meatballs (page 92). Just awesome! I never would have thought to add lemon and cinnamon to meatballs but it added a brightness to the dish that I couldn’t have imagined. There were LOTS of the little meatballs, but you need them to make the meal feel substantial.  Of course this meal was not without incident – I forgot to add garlic to the meatballs (they were still good) and I put in too much vinegar so needed to add a little sugar to the sauce to balance out the acid. I also threw basil in throughout the cooking process, not just at the end to mellow its flavour for younger eaters.  

Jumbo Shrimp (page 262) – light, crispy, fragrant and flavourful these kick the arse of all of those frozen breaded shrimp you buy from the store. Kick it hard. These are so tasty and easy to make. I’m planning on making them for the next pot luck get together I go to. Make all the beading ahead of time, stick it to the shrimp. Put them on a cookie sheet and wrap / refrigerate until ready to cook – which only takes about 10 minutes. Easy Peasy. The only thing I would say is that there is no need to use 2 eggs – one is more than enough.

Pan Fried Sirloin Steak from page 158. The sauce in this dish had great flavour – and it was really very tasty overall. I found my olive oil mashed potatoes weren’t as creamy as Jamie’s – but I didn’t do much to try to fix that. They tasted great and I was hungry! Also, I like my steak cooked a little more than Jamie, so the cooking times were a bit off.

Crispy Duck with Spiced Plum Chutney  (page 198), my frist time cooking duck, and it wasn’t a total crap show. I used 1/2 a duck, because it was also my first time eating it and I didn’t want pounds of leftovers if I didn’t like it. But it really was quite lovely – gamey but good. The star of this dish was the chutney. I used black plums because I didn’t read the recipe fully before shopping and that is what I had bought. But it was great – so good in fact that I used the leftovers to top the custard!

Proper Custard (page 402). Well, it’s not called easy custard. I ended up having to cook it twice because the first time it was not as set up as it needed to be but I was paranoid of overcooking. Apparently my paranoia went away the second time I cooked it because I promptly overcooked it and the eggs started to separate from the dish making it a little chunkier than it should be. The flavours were still great, and with some plum chutney on top no one was the wiser… unless they looked down at what they were eating instead of just closing your eyes the way I did.

Well this is it! The last lesson plan for ‘Cook with Jamie’ – what a ride.
– Potato Horse Radish Salad, page 30
– Shin Stew, page 151
– Trout, page 242
– Sweet and Sour Squash, page 352
– Schnitzel, page 131
– Doughnuts, page 419

And Sausage Fusilli for me who forgot to make it this week.

Happy Cooking!