I have a dilemma.

From time to time I’m asked for recommendations of places to eat around town. I personally have a spot I am quite fond of. I’ve always had spectacular food and great service. Sadly – on the service end of things – not everyone has had my experience. In fact, I know of some people who will no longer eat at this spot because of the service.

The other night I sent some close friends to this spot for a birthday and they had service they described as cold and even a little rude. It was one of those situations where you felt as though your server was either in a job they totally hated or was having the worst night of their life. And hey, maybe those things are true but when you are at a certain type of restaurant service is part of the experience you are paying for.

So here is my question to you – do I keep recommending this spot? Do I do so with a reservation that some people (though not me personally) have had trouble with the service? Do I tell the restaurant via a phone call or facebook/twitter that they are starting to get a bad reputation from not all, but some of their staff?

Post your responses in the comments section – maybe we can get a conversation going!