This is it!! My last week cooking through Cook with Jamie – though I can say with certainty that I will be cooking some of these meals again. Let’s get through this week’s lesson.

Sausage Fusilli from page 72 – This week I made it!! Wow it’s good. I loved the flavour that the lemon brought to the sausage. So very very good. But as with almost all of Jamie’s recipes (in this book at least) I went a little lighter with the chilis then he calls for. I can’t handle the spice.

Potato Horse Radish Salad (page 30) This was awesome! Of course I was foolish and started making it for lunch right around the time I was making everything else. This of course led to the salad not being finished until we were done eating. In order to still have a great salad I put the dressing over the potatoes, then removed a little of the excess – I was afraid they would become bitter as they absorbed the lemon juice. Then put it in an air tight container and into the fridge. It was lovely. I normally hate potato salad – just not a fan of cold potatoes and mayo… but this was tangy and good. Especially with the roast beef.

Shin Stew (page 151) Another really good one. So tender and soft – the meat was great! I enjoyed that there were no potatoes with it… made it different from stews I normally do. I was also a huge fan of the vegetable consistency – soft but definitely not over done. Flavourful and comforting – this dish was a star.

Trout (page 242) This one was good. Pretty close to how I already make trout in the oven but with one important difference – cook time. I’m a scardy cat… I used to put it in around 350 and let it cook 20 – 25 minutes. Now I know I can crank the broiler and that puppy can be done at 6 minutes a side! Thanks Jamie.

Sweet and Sour Squash (page 352) This one turned out… goodish. Way too much garlic. We started out by making a 1/2 serving because we just wanted it as a side dish for one meal. I found the squash was much softer than I thought it would be = squash mush. Not quite like the picture. The mush was still tasty… but man was it garlicy. The recipe calls for 6 cloves. 6. That should have been my indicator… I used 2 – less than half! And still all I could taste was garlic. Now I love garlic – so this was alright for the first few bites, but after a while… not so much.

Schnitzel (page 131) I have come to the conclusion that I hate frying things. Hate it. If it says: ‘Put in a glug of oil and fry (blank)’ then It’s pretty guaranteed that I’m not going to like cooking it. Eating it – yes. Crispy and golden brown. But I hate cooking it. The smell of the oil the way it spits hot oil at my arm every time I come near it. No fun. I loved the orange apple sauce from this recipe and the schnitzel itself came out really nicely – but I don’t know if I’ll be making it again anytime soon.

Doughnuts (page 419) This is sad. My last recipe from my last session of cooking through this book and I didn’t even make them. I wanted to I did – but hear me out! First – my arse can’t take anymore of these rich, sweet, full fat desserts. And on top of that this weekend we went to a birthday party so the day I was planning to make them I had already had a HUGE piece of chocolate cake. It was damn good cake too. If anyone did make the doughnuts I would love to hear how they turned out!!

Next week I’ll post a podcast review of this entire book and let you know the recipes for our next book – Everyday Indian. It will be nice to take a week off and just cook my own food again – but a little wiser thanks to my time cooking with Jamie!