Time to get started on our Indian cooking lessons with Bal Arneson! I’m very excited I must say. For these lessons I’ve decided to cook less per week than I did while cooking through Jamie Oliver’s ‘Cook with Jamie’ mostly because I was more familiar with his food and flavours – I could incorporate the side dishes into meals I was making on my own. Now that I’m heading a little bit out of my comfort zone it is time to scale back a bit perhaps.ย  That and cooking a new style of food needs more of an investment in new spices and ingredients than Jamie’s cooking did.


For our first week I’ve decided on:

– Healthy Rotis, page 22
– Kidney Beans with Goat Cheese, page 64
– Mom’s Chickpeas, page 98
– South Indian Chicken, page 135

I’m planning to make everything for one meal, but feel free to make one dish per day or every other day. I can’t wait to start using some new spices and flavour combos – it’s like learning to cook all over again!

Good luck and happy cooking.