Where to begin… well, this was the first 4 recipes I made from Bal Anreson’s Every Day Indian or have ever made from an Indian cook book and I’ve got to say – I’m not happy. I’ll get into it dish by dish, but really not impressed.

The first thing I made were the Healthy Rotis on page 22 – they turned out alright. They are bland, but I think that’s the point. Just a piece of thin bread to grab some of the more flavourful food. They were healthier than just white flour rotis would be… the problem comes when you are using them to pick up equally flavourless food.

As a side note, you can start making the dough for these, roll them into balls – wind up going to the pub to watch a Sens game, come back and cook them and they are still fine! Also, I ended up doubling up the spinach and broccoli because I apparently can’t read the difference between 1/2 and 1/4 on my measuring cups. The still rolled out fine and maybe even added a little more to the rotis.

Dish 2 was a Kidney Bean and Goat cheese salad from page 64. I ended up making this the day before to help save myself some time the next day. This backfired for me, but only me. I’ll explain – I don’t really like raw onion. Leaving it in the dish with all the other ingredients overnight let that onion flavour get into the beans and especially the goats cheese. It kind of tainted the dish for me but Hubby liked it alright.

Now we come to the Chickpeas on page 98 and South Indian Chicken on page 135. For recipes that called for so many spices and ingredients I was hoping for a big burst of flavour – didn’t happen. They were bland and I really didn’t enjoy eating them. Now… the chicken dish might have been my fault. I couldn’t figure out if she was asking for 1/4 cup dry curry leaves or fresh – I used dry… maybe that would have made all the difference.

Either way I dug in and was so disappointed. I’m going to give this another try – like I said maybe I used the wrong ingredient… this cooking thing is sometimes trial by error. Lets hope for better results next week.

So for next time I’m going to be making:

Fig Chutney, page 30
Baked Samosas, page 38
Paneer in Tomato sauce, page 100
Curried Meatballs, page 152

I’m even going to thow in Healthy Cookies, page 168 – hopefully if the meal isn’t that good I’ll at least have some yummy cookies to eat.