I’m a foodie – no news there. But it might surprise you to learn that I have a deep love of crap food. Not just junk food but utter crap. I like those turkey TV dinners… mostly for the instant mashed potatoes. Ummmm… instant mashed potatoes. I like Kraft Dinner and the sickening processed meat in a Chef Boy R D meat ball. Pizza, fast food hamburgers, fries, chips, soda, chocolate, instant dinners – I’ve got a weakness for it all.

But I’ve also got a brain. And more often than not it rules my stomach and I’m able to get out of the grocery store without buying any of this and I’m able to go months without giving into periodic cravings for a burger or slice of pizza.

Lately that’s changed… and I think I’m going to blame Halloween.

I have about 5 minutes of will power – usually that’s just enough to get me past something in the grocery store without putting it into my cart. But having candy in the house for weeks (since we bought ours to give out at the beginning of October) was not a good move. I can’t say no. Yes I started eating the little chocolate bars about 15 days before Halloween… but only one a day! And there were still plenty to give out… once I went and bought more.

But once I started eating this stuff on a semi regular basis I found my appetite for it has grown. I think about it more. I want it more. I’m craving soda and fast food like never before and every time I give in it only seems to feed the beast – thus making the beast stronger for more attacks on my will power the next day. I can see how people get sucked into a life where they eat like this on a regular basis.

But then comes that brain again… the one that says “this isn’t good for you” or even better “that entire half hour of cardio you did only burnt off the calories from that can of soda you had last night… but not the onion rings!”

So it’s time for drastic measures – I’ve reduced the Halloween candy stash so there is just enough for one more week for Syerra. I’m hoping that knowing that if I have even one, there will be none for her will help with the will power… and hey 2 weeks of Halloween treats is still a pretty good haul! I’m going to go cold turkey and hope that in a few days I’m back to my healthy eating self.

I have a feeling it is going to be like a scene out of Trainspotting around here for a few days…