I have to add a few words to this ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post – this is a short film that my husband made for the Digi 60 – Ottawa’s Digital Film Festival. Filmmakers are invited to create a 8 minute or shorter movie based on a catch – this year’s being that the story needs to have been written by a student in elementary school. This film is based on a recipe from a cook book my school put together when I was in grade 6. All the students submitted a recipe and the book was put together by volunteer parents who then sold the book as a fundraiser. As you can guess there were LOADS of cake, pie and cookie recipes.

Last night this and 11 other films premiered at the Digi 60 Gala and Hubby won ‘Spirit of the Festival’ – an award they invented this year just to celebrate his film. You may not be able to tell but I’m beaming with pride right now. Watch it – it’s great. And check out the chick playing Cinnamon – she’s cute.