Located in Vanier, this little Italian eatery was hopping the day my mother in law and I paid it a visit for lunch. Located at 366 Marguerite Avenue just off of McArthur – this is the lunch spot of choice for those working in the area.

Price – Very reasonable. Most dishes range from $9 – $13 and you get quite a portion for that price.  

Ambiance – It’s a little dated… but that’s not so bad when you are just heading somewhere for a casual night out. And, really, in Vanier I wasn’t expecting cutting edge in the decor department. This place has been the hole in the wall for many years and you can tell. Sometimes that’s a good thing – if a place has table and chair sets you remember straight out of the 80s but it’s STILL packed with people, you know they aren’t there to be trendy and you are probably in for a treat food wise. That or they are the only game in town / this particular group of people love a retro flashback every now and then.

Menu Options – I was impressed by how much authentic Italian food they offer. Way more than just your standard Italian dishes but I will say that if you don’t care for pasta or Italian food this place is not for you. Every dish comes with pasta and I don’t recall seeing much if any options that weren’t Italian. But for a pasta lover like myself … bring it on!

Food – Really good! Homemade noodles and sauces from scratch – these dishes are sure to satisfy that craving for comforting Italian food. I had the lasagna and was very happy with all of it: the size was just enough, the flavours were comforting and familiar the way a great lasagna should be and the homemade noodles took the dish to the next level. My mother in law was also very happy with her veal which looked divine.

Overall – friendly service, great homemade food served in 80s decor – a great lunch spot or casual dinner destination. 4 out of 5 stars.