This was my first week cooking from Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home and…. I’m in love. Simple, flavourful, amazing recipes that allow the ingredients to shine through and become stars. If you are feeling a little discouraged or low about cooking – pick up this book. Try these recipes. I swear – it lights a fire in you. Appreciation for good, honest, wholesome food awakens in you. Spectacular.

First up was the Whole Roast Chicken on a Bed of Root Vegetables from page 22. I didn’t use turnips or rutabagas simply because I didn’t have any on hand. No matter – everything still tasted like heaven. It was my first time trussing a chicken, but the easy picture step by step guide on the next page made it easy. This was probably the best roast chicken I ever made. Crispy skin, juicy, in a word… fantabulous. And it was so easy!

Next was the Caramelized Sea Scallops (page 88). Let me preface this by saying I don’t care for scallops. I have a hard time eating them unless in chowder… I don’t know why. Maybe the texture, maybe the taste. Either way not a fan. I loved these. I only made a few for hubby, and a taste for myself… but I would have stolen them all if I could have. Putting them in the salt water before putting them in the pan added a layer of seasoning missing from all my previous scallop attempts. You have won me over to the Dark side Thomas Keller… though now that I’m over here it really isn’t that dark.

The Creamed Summer Corn from page 189 was like Christmas. An exciting surprise. I had never liked the idea of creamed corn, and having only tasted what came out of a can before I wasn’t really looking forward to this. Oh how wrong I was. The creamyness… the zing of the lime… the bits of chives… oh baby. I would eat a pan of this as a meal if you would let me. Simple with layers of flavour… this was a huge hit with the family and me as well.

I’m so excited for what I’m going to make next!

– Chicken Pot Pie, page 24
– Peppercorn Crusted Beef Tenderloin, page 47
– Wild Cod en Persillade, page 95
– Baked Beets, page 194

Let the drooling begin!