** A friendly user warning – the following is a rant. I’m emotional and may not make sense at all times. I still love this city and think that its one of the greatest foodie cities in the world… but I’ve got my beef with it too.**

What the fuck Ottawa? Where is my Taste of Winterlude?

For those of you who do not know, this year, after 5 awesome years of restaurants around the city offering Price Fix Menus for the weeks during Winterlude they have gone and replaced it with Food Experiences. Go ahead and read this great article by Ron Eade.

Now I like the idea of the Food Experiences. There are some really great opportunities from some amazing restaurants and businesses and I hope these lovely foodies will take no offense. But I want my price fix menus back. Actually I want them back in the addition to the Food Experiences. Move onward and upward – progress and all that jazz.

But don’t just get rid of my favourite part of Winterlude as if it wasn’t the best thing about the festival. I loved being able to try new restaurants at a reasonable price. And it was something I could do during the week to enjoy the festivities when the tourist crowds were significantly lower.

And the best part – I wasn’t partaking in the experience with 449 other people. I hate crowds.

Why can’t we have both?? The food experiences are a great ADDITION to what you had going already. But let’s face it, with the cheapest option being $85 a person… (most expensive topping out at $300 per person) you are marketing to a very specific crowd and I’m sick of it.

No one ever said that loving food as your hobby of choice was going to be a cheap endeavour – but what is it with Ottawa’s obsession of having overpriced events?? Look at our music scene. For years the majority of acts coming here were playing in a handful of venues and charging enormous ticket prices. Leaving those of us who enjoy live music on a regular basis either poor or having to head to Montreal to see smaller bands more often. That’s starting to change now… thankfully. 

Now you are doing it to my foodie events. I know that good food comes at a cost and that some things are worth paying extra for. But just because there are people in our city who can afford the luxury of paying around $100 per person per night of entertainment doesn’t mean we all can. Those of us on a budget, with a new family or who just like to go out and have fun more than once a month can’t always pay those kind of prices.

Come on Ottawa. Keep the amazing food events coming, but let’s have them at a variety of price points.

There may be those of you who are about to comment – well what about this event or this one. Keep in mind I didn’t say there were NO well priced events in the city. Only that yet another one is gone. I miss it. I want it back. And I see no reason why there isn’t room for Food Experiences and Taste of Winterlude Price Fix menus.

Am I off my rocker? What do you think?