I can’t review 2010 and not focus in on the top meals I’ve reviewed this year. This was so hard – I love almost everything I’ve ever eaten, but that said there were some meals that were clearly ahead of the rest!

1. Beckta – I got a gift certificate to Beckta for my birthday this year. I almost cried when I saw it. I had always wanted to eat here and now I was about to. It did not disappoint. I still think fondly of the maple dessert.

2. Murray Street – I started this review by saying “Holy Pork Chop Sandwiches” and I stand by that. This unpretentious, friendly restaurant has a special place in my heart and may be my favourite in Ottawa. I’m starting to drool just thinking of it…

3. Fraser Cafe – Hubby was so jealous when his mother and I went here for lunch. I’ve since made it up to him with a couple fabulous brunch dates there. Cute, cozy and oh so decadent, Fraser Cafe is simply amazing.

4. Poco Pazzo – This little Stittsville restaurant was a total surprise. I had never heard about it, never even knew it existed. Then some friends treated me to a meal there and it was simply astonishing. The price, the food, the atmosphere – all of it was so fantastic! I loved every bite… so much so that even though I was stuffed I ordered dessert to go!

5. Savana Cafe – This is a good friend’s favourite restaurant, and with good reason. Fun atmosphere, good prices and killer food. This restaurant is nearly as popular as it deserves to be.