Over the holidays I had the opportunity to visit Maxwell’s Bistro twice – once for dinner and once for brunch. Both times I have to say I was pretty pleased. Located at 340 Elgin Street, Maxwells is in a great location for meeting up with friends on the way out or returning from adventures downtown.

Price – Decent. It’s not top of the line but it’s not a ‘$1.99 Value Meal’ either. Dinner runs anywhere from $15 to $27 and brunch from $10 – $14. Its an affordable night out compared to some options in the city and for the quantity and quality of the food, I’d say it is worth the price. Or at the very least you are getting what you pay for.  

Ambiance – Comfortable and casual by day, a touch more elegant by candle light. No need to dress up, feel free to come in your favorite jeans and a nice shirt. It’s an unassuming kind of place where everyone can feel at ease. Even if you are on your way out for a night on the town, you wont look out of place if you are a little more dressed up – but I would skip on the ball gowns and tuxedos. That’s just me though.

Menu – Dinner has a varied menu with everything from Burgers to Pasta, Fajitas to Pizza. Often I take that as a bad sign. It shows me that a restaurant has no idea what kind of food it wants to serve so it just tries to cater to the masses. But when you are a large group heading out sometimes its nice to have options. 4-5 vegetarian options depending on the specials and the grill offers many gluten free selections.

Food – I enjoyed it. At dinner the table split Escargot with Brie, homemade hummus, Chorizo Goats Cheese Spring Rolls and Bacon Wrapped Honey Dates. And as a main I had the Baked Rotini Bolognaise which I found to be alright. A decent pasta dish with nice flavour. Nothing mind blowing but it was good. Most of the table found that to be the consensus – with one possible exception of the curried veal burger which was delightful. If I go back it will be for that burger.

Brunch saw me with a Benny Waffle – poached eggs on Canadian bacon with hollandaise sauce on a waffle. Pretty damn tasty and it easily satisfied my craving for sweet and savory. A common problem I face at brunch. It was served with some of the best OJ I’ve had in a long time. Sweet, fresh squeezed and just a little tart. It made being healthy almost easy.

Overall – I enjoyed my time at Maxwells – the price was right, the food was good – only the company was better. A special thanks to my Australian investors who covered dinner that lovely evening. If only I had been busing to take more advantage of your hospitality! 3.5 out of 5 stars.